Behavior Reports / Session Replay

Behavior Reports / Session Replay

A Behavior Report is a replayable video of a browser tab that also includes the network traffic and console output that happened in this tab during this video, along with some environmental data. WebSocket communication and Server-Sent-Events are covered as well.

You can use Behavior Reports to replay your web application's behavior at any time and pin down problems and their visual and dev console impact easily.

There is an intelligent selection of response bodies: images and text-based response bodies of network requests will be included in the report, while other types of responses, that we couldn't display directly anyway, won't be included (like parts of streamed videos).
Even if a body is excluded, its http request and the request metadata (headers, ...) are still captured in the report.

Be aware that behavior reports may contain a large amount of data that is stored locally in the extension-storage of your browser.
The data remains on your local system unless you explicitly export or sync it to somewhere else.
No data captured with webQsee leaves your system without your knowledge and your prior instruction to do so.
Even if you upload captured data to the Cloud Gallery, it will land on your own Cloud Storage.  In this case only non-critical metadata about the gallery items will be stored on webQsee servers, like the title, description or status of the item.

Watch a YouTube video that demonstrates how to create, replay and export a Behavior Report

(If the video seems blurry, set it to Full HD manually on YouTube.)

After recording or importing Behavior Reports, they can be found in your local webQsee Gallery.
You can replay any report listed in your gallery at any time.

Behavior Reports can be exported by clicking the download icon in the Gallery item and they can be imported through dragging and dropping them in the "Import" Tab of the Local Gallery or anywhere in the main webQsee window.
Currently, exports of Behavior Reports are free for everyone (even for users that do not have a webQsee account), but imports of Behavior Reports are only possible for paying customers or free users that have been invited to a paying webQsee team. Please take a look at our Feature Matrix for more information.

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