Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage

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If you want to share Screenshots, Screencasts, Videos, Behavior Reports and Event Snapshots easily within your team or if you are a single user and just want to store them in the cloud so that you can access them from multiple PCs, then you need to set up a Cloud Storage.

You cannot use the Cloud Gallery without connecting it to a Cloud Storage.

The Cloud Gallery stores the raw data captured with webQsee on an Amazon S3-compatible Cloud Storage of your own choice and stores just non-critical metadata on webQsee servers (like gallery item title, description, status).
Items from the Local Gallery can be uploaded to the Cloud Gallery and once they have been uploaded, they can be accessed by the other members of the webQsee team that the Cloud Gallery belongs to. Those items then can also be shared with external systems like Jira, Slack or Microsoft Teams.

You need to have at least a webQsee Professional subscription to add a new Cloud Storage to webQsee.
If you are invited to another webQsee team that already has a Cloud Gallery and Cloud Storage, you do not need a subscription to use those.

Bring Your Own Storage

We decided to go with a bring-your-own-storage approach, meaning that you are able to (and even need to) use your own Amazon S3 or S3-compatible storage in combination with the Cloud Gallery.

This way the data you capture with webQsee is not stored on webQsee servers and you can even use a self-hosted intranet S3 storage to keep the data on premises. Only non-critical metadata like item title, description, status is stored on webQsee servers.

The connection to the S3-compatible Cloud Storage works completely client-side, so the browser extension talks directly to the storage's API. Using our recommended bucket policies, you can still ensure appropriate user permissions on the stored data.
We made this effort in order to value the privacy of your data.
Of course we provide simple tutorials on how to set up the Cloud Storage so that you can start using the Cloud Gallery in no time.
The instructions cover the setup of an original Amazon S3 storage as well as the setup of a self-hosted S3-compatible storage called

Both original Amazon S3 and self-hosted solutions usually can be tried out for free.

Setting up the Cloud Storage

Please have a look at our tutorials.