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Screenshots and Screenvideos

As the web is a visual media, the functionality of creating screenshots and screencasts / videos is a must-have feature for a tool that is targeted to support developers and QA engineers.

Screenvideos can be taken either from one of your displays or you can also create a video just from a browser tab or from a specific desktop window. Videos recorded with webQsee are automatically post-processed by the browser extension, resulting in a .webm video that contains all necessary metadata for displaying a time slider on video replay (which is not always the case for screenvideos recorded with Chrome-based browsers, if not post-processed like webQsee does).

Our full page screenshots avoid the problems of some other web screenshot tools with fixed navigation bars and other tricky HTML/JavaScript/CSS stuff by directly communicating with the browser through its powerfull API. While taking a full page screenshot with webQsee, you won't observe any scrolling through the page and we don't have to apply site-specific tweaks.

webQsee popup actions

You can either immediately download the screenshots and videos, or store them in the integrated Media and Reports Gallery of the webQsee browser extension. There you can add additional metadata which helps you to keep your data organized.

By default, new videos and screenshots are always stored locally inside the extension-storage of webQsee and do not leave your system without your prior knowledge.

You can of course download the videos and screenshots or upload them to your own Cloud Storage if you want to share them with other people. The "Import" Tab you see in the following screenshots allows you to import Behavior Reports and Events Snapshots, which is documented here.

Gallery Overview for Screenshots:

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Gallery Overview for Videos: