Share settings with the team

Team Sharing

You might also be interested in Cloud Sharing that covers the topic of how to share items of the webQsee Gallery with other people or systems.

In the Small Team and Team versions of webQsee, it is possible to share the Event Classification Rules with the whole team.
Also, if you are using the Cloud Gallery in order to share Gallery Items with your team, then the Cloud Storage connection params (excluding any secrets / credentials) will be shared with the team. Each team member that wants to use the Cloud Gallery then only has to provide his Cloud Storage credentials in his own instance of webQsee, but does not need to provide the URL or other connection params for the underlying Cloud Storage.

A typical scenario for sharing Event Classification Rules is that a senior engineer creates those classification rules on team level. The junior team member who is trying to analyze problem descriptions has the result of those classification rules immediately available in his instance of webQsee.

Of course webQsee assists you in managing your team's members and inviting new ones.

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