Create multiple teams

Create multiple webQsee teams

  • Each free webQsee user account includes its own team.
  • Per default this team can only have a single member (you). You can upgrade this team (= get a paid account) in order to invite other users to this team.
  • If you want to create multiple paid teams, you can create multiple free webQsee accounts and upgrade each one of them separately. As a result, you will have multiple teams that you can invite users into.
  • If you have created multiple teams and want to access all of them with a single user, create a free webQsee user and invite this user to all of your teams. As a result, when this user is signed in, he can switch between all your teams by using the team-switcher button in the main window of webQsee. You can promote this user to super-admin in all your teams, so you can manage all teams with just a single user.