webQsee - The Developer Extension for Edge + Chrome

For Professional Quality Web Applications


Collect Network + Console Log Data
Export & Share with your Team
Better Debug Info in less Time

webQsee displays HTTP requests and console output in one grid with advanced sorting and filtering capabilities.

Analytics Window

Lucid visualization of all communication flows


Powerful export capabilities

Session Replay

Save Screen Video, Network and Console logs in one file. This file can be replayed and provides true session replay experience to your developers.

Analyze & Improve

See how your application is communicating over http and websockets along with the JavaScript Console output.

Export & Share

Export ist possible in well known format as HAR and Excel. Additionally we introduced the „Event Snapshot“ which is a powerfull combination of Network and Console Events, Cookies and a Screenshot.

Secure Data

All captured data is stored on your machine. If you use the team features of webQsee, you can link it to your own S3 object store.

Troubleshooting web applications and collecting the data required by software engineers to improve their products is becoming more and more complex. We at pagu.at are convinced, that webQsee can greatly reduce the time that has to be spent for such tasks and improve the quality of the data that is collected.

Paul Gutenbrunner Chief Executive @ pagu.at

Pushing the limits of what can be done purely client-side in a browser extension is one of the key concepts and goals of webQsee. This also is one of the main distinctions compared to other market solutions: privacy as a first-class citizen. Not everything needs to be processed or stored in the webQsee cloud, especially not data captured with webQsee.

Stefan Gündhör Head of Engineering @ webQsee

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