Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Version: April 14th, 2021

webQsee is a browser extension implemented by EDV Management GmbH ( This page describes how the browser extension webQsee handles your data in accordance with the Austrian Law. It is not applicable for our website - data collected in the contact page of this website is sent via Email to us. The website uses Google Analytics. reserves the right to change the following Privacy Policy at all times without notice, that's why we add the "Version" information to this page.

* We collect anonymized information about your usage of webQsee by using the 3rd party service "Google Analytics".
* We do not collect or store any files that you create with webQsee or data you sniff using webQsee. Metadata you enter about data created by webQsee, like "title" or "description", and auto-generated metadata, like timestamps, filesize, user agent, display resolutions, etc. will be stored in our backend only if you decide to use the Cloud Gallery feature. Auto-generated metadata does not contain IP-addresses or any personal data. NO metadata will be stored in our backend if you do not use the Cloud Gallery.
* When exporting Behavior Reports or Event Snapshots from Local or Cloud Gallery, some of the above mentioned metadata like the item's title, description or timestamps will be processed  by our servers (NOT stored on them!) in order to digitally sign the metadata using your webQsee account. The main data collected within the Report or Snapshot will not be transmitted to our servers.
* You can use a 3rd party service for login (like Google, Facebook, Github). In this case we read data from the 3rd party account, depending on your privacy settings in the account. Read data includes user id, username, email and avatar picture url.
* If you decide to create a webQsee account, we will store your email address for this account and the hashed password. We do not store credentials of any other / third party account. If you use the Cloud Gallery feature, the credentials for accessing the configured S3 storage are stored by webQsee in the storage of the browser extension.
* For some functionality, like account registration, we use the 3rd party Service "Google reCaptcha" to ensure that this functionality will only be used by humans and not bots.
* If you decide to create a paid subscription, we will use the 3rd party service "Braintree" to handle the payments. We read and store metadata about your subscription from that service, so that we for example know, if your subscripiton is still active.
* We may store the URLs of WebHooks (e.g. for Slack, Microsoft Teams) in case you decide to use the Cloud Sharing feature. However, we do not store any other API credentials of third party services.
* To ensure the stability and functionality of our backend services, we use temporary log files. Those may contain your IP address, request timestamps, metadata about the request and data submitted automatically by your browser. We reserve the right to check the server log files in case our services have problems or you report a problem to us. The temporary log files may stay on our system for some time, but should always be deleted automatically at some point.
* We may send you some product related emails
* We do not sell, share or pass on your data and we do not use it in any other ways

Personal information is collected by us in the following ways:
(i) explicitly provided by you (the user) via registration form, user settings page, email or during creation of a paid subscription
(ii) unintentionally collected (for example if you use the Cloud Gallery and write your real name in the description of a Gallery item)
(iii) provided by 3rd party providers for authentication (like Github, Google and Facebook)
(iv) temporarily automatically collected in the form of log files (based on backend-requests)
(v) provided by the 3rd party payment service "Braintree" (used for handling paid subscriptions)

Anonymized usage information collected by Google Analytics helps us to find out how many customers are using our products and which features they use.

We use your personal information for identifying you, providing you with the proper featureset, communicating with you (including customer support) and managing your webQsee account. In addition we might use this information for providing you information about our additional products and services.

Collected information in general is a valuable input for deciding which features need to be improved or could be enhanced.

We do not sell your personal data or provide it to others.

All information collected by webQsee itself (browser extension, backend web application, homepage, web application for managing you account) is physically stored within the European Union. Information collected by Google Analytics might be stored outside the European Union.

Information will be stored as long as it is required for providing our services or  as long as we are oblidged to store it. Typically information which is explicitely provided by the customer is stored for seven years, all other information (e.g. server log files) is typically stored for one year.

Although we do our best, no security measure is inpenetrable. To limit negative impact in case of breaching our physical, electronic or administrative safeguard, we explicitely demand that you use a distinct password for your webQsee account in case you use the "webQsee Account" login option.

The webQsee browser extension does not use 3rd party cookies except any cookies that may be provided by Google Analytics or Google reCaptcha.